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Productions et créations numériques

Représentation graphique et interactive de données

2021 Visualizing the SIGGRAPH Art Show Archive

Series of visualization sketches of the SIGGRAPH Art Show Archives that are directed and maintained by Bonnie Mitchell and Jan Searleman (SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community). .

2019 K-means Radial Plot

Web-based radial plot media visualization using k-means filters. The image corpus includes all albums released in 1988 according to Wikipedia. Part of a conference paper co-signed with Lev Manovich and presented at the 12th International Congress of the AISV in Lund, Sweden.

2017 Polar transformations

Experimental visualizations for visual data, based on polar transform algorithms. Developed as plugins for ImageJ. More info coming soon.

2017 Greimas Viz

Visualizing the 644 words and their relationships in the famous Greimas and Courtés' Sémiotique : dictionnaire raisonné de la théorie du langage. Voir le projet

2017 Eye Tracking Visualizer

Un prototype d'outil pour interagir avec des données eye-tracking. Expérimentations faites avec les données d'un projet de recherche de Céline Cholet
Voir le projet

2016 Rothko Viz

Visualizing and navigating 201 paintings by Mark Rothko using three.js. Generating images using simple rules with CSS. Voir le projet

2015 Klee Viz

Visualizing 203 paintings by German-Swiss painter Paul Klee, using simple HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Voir le projet

2016 Mediawiki Viz

Series of experiments in web prototypes, schemes, mockups, and interface-code analysis. Voir le projet

2014 RockViz

Visualizing the covers colors of the best 2000 rock albums. Voir le projet

2013 La visualité de Nirvana

An exploration of the graphical production of rock&roll band Nirvana. Visualizations made with ImageJ and Processing. Accesible in slideshare

2010 Media Viz

An interactive bubble chart made with Flash and exported as SWF application. Visualization of 150 media from between 1895 and 2010.
See the project

Travaux créatifs

2021 Poème Stein Polaire, séries 2021

Deux impressions pour l'exposition "SATELLITE" Collective. Du 2 octobre au 4 décembre, Galerie Satellite. Impression sur Dibond 3mm. 20 x 20 cm.

2015 - ... Poèmes Stein

An ongoing project about graphical rendering of generative poetry. In collaboration with Jean-Pierre Balpe and Sam Szoniecky. Voir le projet

2011 - 2016 Motion Structures

A project about converting video into 3D objects. Using a script I wrote for ImageJ and 3D printing technologies. Voir le projet

2016 Disrupting 3D Models

An experiment about breaking appart the geometry of a 3D digital model. An application made with Processing.

2012 Messages vers le futur

A public installation where users send future messages to themselves through a digital wormhole. Voir le projet (pour référence seulement, il est fonctionnel lors d'un événement)

2012 377 covers of Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

A short video about the evolution of Thrasher Magazine covers. Video available in Vimeo.

2012 500+ Powell Peralta skateboard decks

A study on the graphic design history of skateboard decks produced by Powell Peralta. View entry blog at Powell Peralta website

2011 Maya Fractal

A plug-in for Autodesk Maya to generate fractals and L-Systems. Voir le projet